Logo for Particular Crowd movie studio, a division of Turner Latin America (a WarnerMedia company).

A veritable movie crowd.

Particular Crowd is an original content label of WarnerMedia Latin America. Embracing WarnerMedia's vision of delivering to the fandom, we are producing movies for targeted audiences, including horror, thriller, romantic comedy, teen, and family focused content.


Our team is based in Los Angeles and Buenos Aires. We produce filmmaker-driven, high-concept, English-language movies on contained budgets and local-language Latin American movies aimed at broad audiences.

Telling stories for the screen, any screen, is a quintessentially collective form of storytelling.


In our production banner we’ve assembled a group of people who live and breathe for stories told on screen: curators, writers, directors, actors. A veritable movie crowd. This is not just any random crowd. It’s a crowd with purpose. It’s a crowd that does things a certain way. It’s a discerning crowd of people who know what they like. It’s a crowd of people who are in the business of weaving stories and getting them on screen in front of other people.

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